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“There’s a set of rules for this,” Bones says. “An entire set of rules in the Prime Directive that expressly forbid anything even remotely like what we’re doing now. And that’s not even getting into the court-martialable offenses.”

The Doctor doesn’t deign to respond at first, being a little too distracted breaking the Enterprise’s warp core with cherry chewing gum and a ball of twine. “You mean the same ones that ought to be preventing you from gallivanting around the timeline with a member of an extinct race?”

Bones clears his throat loudly and adjusts the collar of his uniform. “That’s them.”

She beams at him before returning to the task at hand. “Just checking.”

These are the Voyages... )

Community: [livejournal.com profile] theatrical_muse
Prompt: 294 - Passing
Word count: 625
Author's note: [livejournal.com profile] do_it_in_three was going to get a trailer for his guest appearance, but instead all he gets is this author's note. [livejournal.com profile] curedrainydays doesn't get anything because he's mine.
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Community: [info]theatrical_muse
Prompt: 291 - Take someone out.
Word count: 1,764

One of the quirks of traveling with the Doctor is that you never know quite where you’re going to land. It’s one of the many variables that adds excitement, that influx of adrenaline when you step outside the TARDIS and realize that anything, anything at all, could happen.


“I don’t know how the hell you got a license to drive that thing.”


The Doctor sucks in a breath sharply and blows it out in the general direction of her traveling companion; it momentarily freezes in the icy air drifting through the open TARDIS door. Outside, the wasteland of frozen ground and gray-white sky makes for a bleak sight. “I could always let you have the controls next time, if you think you could do better.”


Bones slips a heavily insulated jacket over his blue medical tunic and smirks at her. “Far be it from me to contradict a lady.”


“Of course n–“


She cuts off in the middle of her retort, abruptly diving for the floor of the TARDIS. Bones crosses his arms, having recently decided he refuses to be startled by her random moments of distraction anymore. Too much potential for attention whiplash. “What is it?”


She waves a couple pair of shoes in the air with all the triumph of the Olympic torch-bearer. “Ice-skating!”


Refusing to be startled, however, is not the same as being immune to becoming completely flabbergasted. “What?”


The Doctor has already begun tugging off her left boot, pausing in her task only long enough to toss a set of ice skates to Bones. He catches the pair reflexively, coming within an inch of slicing his hand on the energy blades. “There’s miles of ice out there. Haven’t you ever been skating?”


“Well, no,” he admits, “not for a long– “


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