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A sweet, heavy scent filled the TARDIS the moment the Doctor opened the door. Outside, flowers grew wherever there was room; the bushes, the trees, and the ground were covered in them, creating a rainbow patchwork that went as far as the eye could see.

The Doctor strode into them and turned for a moment to simply take it in. “What do you notice?”

Diane followed her out. Something akin to a red carnation brushed her leg. “The sky is purple.”

“Yes, it is. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” The Doctor agreed and stuck her hands into her trouser pockets. “It’s spring here. Come winter the planet packs up its colours and even the sky goes grey, but now, now is the best time.”

“All right.” Diane tugged her silk scarf away from her face as the wind blew it astray. “What are we here for?”

The Doctor rolled her sleeves up past the elbow and used her customary scarf to tie her hair back. “Gardening!”

“Gardening,” Diane repeated calmly, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“The TARDIS’s esfodelia-“ The Doctor nodded to a patch of peculiar flowers surrounding a small pond of water, “-that’s these- have hit a nasty patch. When they die, I want others ready to replace them.” From somewhere in the endless recesses of her jacket, she produced two pairs of gloves made of a clear, cool felt material, and a few gardening tools of alien origin. “As I said: gardening!”

Five Times the Doctor Visited the Third Planet of Floria in her Eleventh Incarnation )

Community: [livejournal.com profile] oncoming_storms
Prompt: 1.12 - time and tide wait for no man
Word Count: 1,114
Author's Note: Firstly: Dennis Creevey (the guest star in the fourth segment) is respectfully borrowed from [livejournal.com profile] kingcreevey, where I expect he will return after readings. Give the lad a hand, folks, and please throw in a few sickles to buy him chocolate frogs. Thank you.

Secondly, to clear up any confusion: The Rani who appears in this fic is the-Rani-as-portrayed-by-Suzie-Plakson, who has shown up in a few other Eleven!fics, and not [livejournal.com profile] renegadeinexile. She's prettier and not ginger.
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It was sunny and nauseatingly bright outside. He shifted his position on the bench. He should’ve told Shana he was sick. It wouldn’t have been a lie; his head hurt like the morning after. He thought wistfully that a night before would have been fun, but he was sure there hadn’t been one to speak of. He had very clear memories of a night spent hitting the books with a cup of coffee and a lamp with a bulb that kept burning out for his company.

Just a bloody headache, run-of-the-mill and average. He clutched his head. ‘Take your niece out for a walk to the park, Mike.’ Right, Shan, he thought bitterly. Take your little monster out of the flat for you so you can spend some quality time with your pig of a boyfriend.

Where was Alice, anyway? He squinted at the playground. Who let all the kids in? How was he supposed to tell which was his? Where the hell had she got to? He left the bench behind, searching the recreation ground and panicking. She wasn’t on the slides, the seesaw, or the monkey bars. He pictured her wandering into the street to play, easy prey for a passing car. He resisted the urge to randomly grab kids and spin them around so he could see their faces. Wouldn’t look good.

Want another sweetie!” screeched a voice pitched high enough to shatter nearby windows. He clutched his head again and ran towards the voice. Alice.

Random Encounters of the Third Kind )

Community: [livejournal.com profile] oncoming_storms
Prompt: 1.5, Appearances Can Be Deceiving
Word Count: 775
Warning: There be a bit of swearing here.


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